Lake Hardy Photos


Schoolhouse Springs TH to 1st Hamongog
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1st to 2nd Hamongog
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2nd Hamongog to Lake Hardy
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1st Hamongog to Lake Hardy via East Hamongog
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Views of Lake Hardy
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Aerial Photo

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    4 Responses to “Lake Hardy Photos”

    1. Steve Schill says:

      Does anyone know if there is a trail from Lake Hardy to the top of Lone Peak?

    2. Eric says:

      Hi Steve, the direct path from Lake Hardy to Lone Peak requires mountaineering skills, there’s some rock climbing required as you go over Bighorn. If you want to stick to a trail, you need to drop down to the 2nd Hamongog, then climb to Lone Peak from there.

    3. Nate says:

      I am interested in going up to the Hardy lake this spring. Is there spots to camp at the lake? And can you have camp fires up there? Another Hike that is one of my favorite since it is very pretty, tough and isolated is High Creek lake up in Cache County.

    4. Eric says:

      Nate, There are places to camp just below the lake, at Grassy Flat. You might be able to find a spot closer, but Lake Hardy is in the middle of the Lone Peak Wilderness Area, so wilderness rules apply. You need to set up camp at least 200 feet from water. I don’t know about campfires – check with the Forest Service in Pleasant Grove before you go. I’m sure a portable cook stove would be ok.

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