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Hidden Peak from Snowbird TH<br />via Gad Valley

Hidden Peak from Snowbird TH
via Gad Valley

 Hike Time (roundtrip): 4.0 to 6.5 hours
 Distance (roundtrip): 6.2 miles
 Elevation Gain: 2950 feet
 Main Aspect: North
 Climb Rate: 952 feet per mile
 Average Grade: 18%
Notes: The trail up Gad Valley is steep in places and there’s lots of Ski Resort stuff along the way. AF Twin Peaks is at the top of the valley. The trail swings left to get to Hidden Peak. 8
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Snowbird TH
Trailhead Elevation: 8040 ft
Trailhead Outhouse: Yes
Distance from Park-N-Ride: 6.4 miles
Area: Little Cottonwood Canyon
Area Location: East on 9400 S (SR210) in Salt Lake County
Area Fee: None
Dogs Allowed: No
Notes: Snowbird has several parking lots. The middle one is the closest to the trailheads leading to Gad Valley and Peruvian Gulch. Walk east through the lot, then continue straight on the service road across the bridge when the main road curves left. If you want a shortcut to the ridge, take the Snowbird Tram

Waypoint 1
Gad Valley
 Elevation: 9650  Feature: Canyon
Notes: This valley has many roads, ski lifts and a few buildings, used by Snowbird Resort. Despite all that, the trails are still a nice distraction.

Hidden Peak
 Elevation: 10990  Feature: Peak
Notes: The Snowbird Tram terminates on the peak. I have arrived both by tram and by foot. The views are beautiful either way. From here, you can go to Mt. Baldy or American Fork Twin Peaks.

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.561011    Longitude: -111.645092 

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