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Pine Hollow Peak from Pine Hollow TH

Pine Hollow Peak from Pine Hollow TH

 Hike Time (roundtrip): 4.0 to 6.5 hours
 Distance (roundtrip): 9.8 miles
 Elevation Gain: 1810 feet
 Main Aspect: All Directions
 Climb Rate: 369 feet per mile
 Average Grade: 7%
Notes: A Great Trail 1
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Pine Hollow TH
Trailhead Elevation: 6750 ft
Trailhead Outhouse: Yes
Distance from Fee Station: 6.6 miles
Area: Alpine Loop / Timpanogos
Area Location: Starts in American Fork Canyon or Provo Canyon
Area Fee: $6
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Notes: Pine Hollow is where they close the Alpine Loop in the winter. The trail starts across the road to the east. Look west toward the mouth of AF Canyon to spot Devils Eye, a natural arch.

Pine Hollow Peak
 Elevation: 8560  Feature: Peak
Notes: This is the peak that frames North Timpanogos on the left, as you look at the latter from Tibble Fork Reservior. So you know you are going to have good views once you get there. When you think you are at the peak, follow the ridge north to the true peak. See the map for details.

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.461267    Longitude: -111.642233 

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 Google Map (shows lat/lon on map)

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