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Upper Red Pine Lake from White Pine TH<br />via Red Pine Lake

Upper Red Pine Lake from White Pine TH
via Red Pine Lake

 Hike Time (roundtrip): 4.0 to 6.5 hours
 Distance (roundtrip): 7.4 miles
 Elevation Gain: 2340 feet
 Main Aspect: All Directions
 Climb Rate: 632 feet per mile
 Average Grade: 12%
Notes: There is really no trail from Red Pine Lake to Upper Red Pine Lake. Follow the creek to the east for some scrambling, or follow the trail toward Pfeifferhorn, then side hill over to the lakes once you are at the same level. 4
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White Pine TH
Trailhead Elevation: 7660 ft
Trailhead Outhouse: Yes
Distance from Park-N-Ride: 5.3 miles
Area: Little Cottonwood Canyon
Area Location: East on 9400 S (SR210) in Salt Lake County
Area Fee: None
Dogs Allowed: No
Notes: Watch for a sign that says White Pine Trailhead about half way up Little Cottonwood Canyon, just after passing Tanners Flat. It is a good size parking lot on the south side of the road, with an outhouse. This trail leads to several canyons.

Waypoint 1
Red Pine Lake
 Elevation: 9640  AKA: Lower Red Pine Lake
 Feature: Lake
Notes: High alpine lakes are great, but this one is extra beautiful. There are good places to camp on the south side of the lake. Incidently, Red Pine refers to Douglas Fir that was harvested from the canyon in the late 1800s. White Pine refers to Engelmann Spruce.

Upper Red Pine Lake
 Elevation: 10000  AKA: Lower Red Pine Lake
 Feature: Lake
Notes: There are 2 lakes at Upper Red Lake. You could camp there, but there’s not much cover.

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.539165    Longitude: -111.688066 

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