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Mount Olympus from Mt Olympus TH (5500S)

Mount Olympus from Mt Olympus TH (5500S)

 Hike Time (roundtrip): 5.0 to 8.5 hours
 Distance (roundtrip): 7 miles
 Elevation Gain: 4196 feet
 Main Aspect: West
 Climb Rate: 1199 feet per mile
 Average Grade: 23%
Notes: This hike is fairly steep. Once you get to the shoulder and turn north, you have to put the treking poles away and start using your hands to climb (class 3). No ropes required, however. 9
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Mt Olympus TH (5500S)
Trailhead Elevation: 4830 ft
Trailhead Outhouse: No
Area: Salt Lake Valley
Area Location: Various locations on East Bench in Salt Lake
Area Fee: None
Dogs Allowed: No
Notes: Parking is on the east side of Wasatch Blvd above the road. Trailhead is at the south end.

Mount Olympus
 Elevation: 9026  Feature: Peak
Notes: It is one of the more popular hikes in Salt Lake County. It has a really distinctive appearance when you look at it from the west, and is a fun climb. At the peak you can see all of Salt Lake Valley, from Willard Bay on the north to Utah Lake on the south. You can also see quite a few other Wasatch peaks.

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.656806    Longitude: -111.770933 

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