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Hiking in Salt Lake Valley

Salt Lake Valley

Getting There: Various locations on East Bench in Salt Lake
Entrance Fee: None Dogs Not Allowed
Notes: Trails leaving from the Salt Lake bench area are usually steep, and will take to into pretty wild, rugged country. The dog policies vary, so check the status for each canyon.

DESTINATIONS in Salt Lake Valley
 Jacobs Ladder 
 Feature: Ridge 
 Elevation: 6890 ft 
 Mount Olympus 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 9026 ft 
 South Thunder 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11154 ft 
 Upper Bells Canyon Reservoir 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 9400 ft 
 Ferguson Overlook 
 Feature: Ridge 
 Elevation: 6650 ft 
 Big Willow Canyon 
 Feature: Canyon 
 Elevation: 6000 ft 
 Movie Rock 
 Feature: Rock Outcrop 
 Elevation: 6960 ft 
 Jacks Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 6472 ft 
 Lone Rock 
 Feature: Rock Outcrop 
 Elevation: 7630 ft 
 Bells Canyon Falls 
 Feature: Falls 
 Elevation: 6680 ft 
 Rocky Mouth Falls 
 Feature: Falls 
 Elevation: 5460 ft 
 Bonneville Shoreline Trail 
 Feature: Trail-Nature 
 Elevation: 5240 ft 
 Second Hamongog 
 Feature: Meadow 
 Elevation: 8150 ft 
 Lone Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11253 ft 
 Ensign Peak 
 Feature: Trail-History 
 Elevation: 5414 ft 
 Storm Mountain 
 AKA: Young Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 9524 ft 
 Lone Peak Cirque 
 Feature: Cirque 
 Elevation: 10340 ft 
 Rocky Mouth Canyon Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10247 ft 
 Enniss Peak 
 AKA: Draper Ridge 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 9298 ft 
 Lower Bells Canyon Reservoir 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 5575 ft 
 Grandeur Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8299 ft 
 Wildcat Ridge 
 Feature: Ridge 
 Elevation: 9170 ft 

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