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Hiking in Squaw Peak Road

Squaw Peak Road

Getting There: 2 miles east of mouth of Provo Canyon. Turn right.
Entrance Fee: None Dogs Allowed
Notes: The Squaw Peak Road is a dirt road that travels between the major peaks of Utah County, such as Cascade and Provo Peaks, and the minor peaks, such as Squaw Peak and Y Mountain. It goes from Provo Canyon to Hobble Creek, near Springville.

DESTINATIONS in Squaw Peak Road
 Corral Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10435 ft 
 Lion Head 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8981 ft 
 Buffalo Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8030 ft 
 Cascade Saddle 
 Feature: Saddle 
 Elevation: 9538 ft 
 Powerhouse Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 7986 ft 

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 Horse Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8660 ft 

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 Cascade Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10910 ft 
 Provo Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11071 ft 
 Freedom Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10826 ft 
 Lightning Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10073 ft 

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 Shingle Mill Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10690 ft 

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