Silver Creek Trail

As I was going through the pictures for this trail, I began to realize it is probably one of my favorites. Not only does it have everything a trail can offer, but it does so in style. See the sections below for the details. (photos)

NOTE: Don’t let all the “Silver” names on this trail confuse you – this canyon was heavily mined in the early 1900s. I guess they didn’t have time to sit around and think up original names. Here’s a summary: The trailhead is at Silver Lake Flats Reservoir (it was a meadow at the time). You follow Silver Creek to Silver Lake. From Silver Lake head north 1 mile to Silver Glance. I looked up “Silver Glance”. It has nothing to do with lakes or glaciers. Silver Glance is “Sulphide of Silver – it has a metalic luster.”

  • Parking Lot (photos) As soon as you step out of the car at the trailhead north of Silver Lake Flats, you’re immediately surrounded by world-class mountain scenery.
  • Beaver Ponds The Trail from the parking lot to the beaver ponds is relatively flat. You follow Silver Creek through Quaking Aspen. The beaver ponds are to the right.
    –>Miles from trailhead:0.4mi Elevation gain:180ft
  • Silver Lake (photos) You cross a shallow, slow moving stream just after passing the beaver ponds. The only other significant stream crossing of the hike come a half mile later, but there’s a log you can walk across. The trail climbs steadily toward the last shelf you see to the west. The upper water fall is actually the drainage from the lake itself. This lake is stocked with fish and has has a few good camping spots.
    –>Miles from beaver ponds:1.7mi (2.1mi) Elevation gain:1280ft (1460ft)
  • Silver Glance (photos) From Silver Lake head north, following the ridgeline to the right of Silver Creek. There’s no trail, but you’ll run into Silver Glance after 0.7 mile if you continue following that ridgeline.
    –>Miles from Silver Lake:0.7mi (2.8mi) Elevation gain:900ft (2360ft)
  • Red/White Baldy Go straight north for 0.2 miles, then turn northwest and go up the hill, aiming for the saddle. The climb is steep, but requires no boulder climbing. Once on the saddle, go left for White Baldy, right for Red Baldy, or straight for White Pine Lake
    –>Miles from Silver Glance:0.4mi (3.3mi) Elevation gain:760ft (3120ft)


Aerial Photo


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