Mahogany Mountain

Mahogany Mountain can be an easy hike or a hard one, depending on how far you want to go and which route to take. You can be on the Utah Valley overlook in 30 minutes if you take the easiest route:

  • From the Timpooneke CG, travel on the dirt road that goes around the north end of Mt Timpanogos, When you get into Sagebrush Flats, travel another 1/3 mile and take the road split to the right. Follow this to the end. Park and walk up to the top of the knob to the west. Go to the south end of that to pick up the trail to Mahogany Mountain. The trail goes up that ravine you see to the northwest.
  • You climb 470 feet over 1.3 miles to the first peak.
  • The peak to the south is the true Mahogany Mountain. You drop down to a saddle, then climb back up. You are now 520 feet above your car and 2 miles away.
  • At the peak you can see Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley to the west, a great view of Mt Timpanogos to the east and the Alpine Ridge to the north

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