Lone Peak via Draper

Any trail to Lone Peak will be steep. If you can make it to the 9000 foot level (top of Draper Ridge), the rest shouldn’t be too bad. From Draper, here are two trails:

  • Jacobs Ladder trail – This trail has been is use for many years. The trailhead has just been rerouted, to help with erosion. From the trailhead, you go up a few switchbacks, then follow the incline you see from Alpine – Jacob’s Ladder – until you’re very close to Lone Rock. From there you climb 2000 ft straight up (it seems) to Enniss Peak at the top of Draper Ridge. The trail turns east and meanders through mountain meadows and interesting rock formations. Most people go to the north side of Lone Peak Cirque for the final climb to the peak. If you don’t like exposure, you would probably like to the route that goes around the west summit, then up to the south summit.
  • Cherry Canyon trail – This trail leaves from the Orson Smith trailhead and heads mostly east. This trail is really cool, because the scenes are always changing – sometimes you’re looking at Slat Lake Valley, and somtimes you’re looking at Utah Valley.

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Aerial Photo


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2 Responses to “Lone Peak via Draper”

  1. charles says:

    Can you take dogs on this trail to lone peak?

  2. Eric says:

    Charles, Yes dogs are allowed on the Hidden Valley, Orsen Smith and Jacobs Ladder trails, as long as you don’t cross over into Bells Canyon. This link tells you where dogs are not permitted in Salt Lake County: http://www.slvhealth.org/programs/waterqualhazwaste/drinkingWater/dogPermit.html

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