I’ve literally shot thousands of photos in the Wasatch mountains over the last 10 years. Here are a few of my favorites from each hike. I occasionally receive beautiful pictures from hiking friends, but have chosen to use only my own. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the beauty and solitude found in these mountains.

Wasatch Trail Photos

Area Trails (click one)
Mt Timpanogos Timpooneke Aspen Grove Western Canyons-Mahogany Mtn
Lone Peak Hamongogs Lake Hardy Western Routes
Box Elder Dry Creek Deer Creek Silver Lake (AF Canyon)
Other Peaks Mount Olympus Mount Nebo Mill Canyon Peak
Family Hikes Timp Cave – Cecret Lake – Silver Lake (Big Cottonwood)

Wasatch Area WebCams

Area Location (click one
Big Cottonwood Canyon Brighton
Little Cottonwood Canyon Snowbird Alta

I tell my kids I collect the pictures because when I can’t be out hiking, I just look at the pictures and it takes me back to the spot and the moment I captured them. Studying the photos brings similar feelings of peace and wonder, curiosity and excitement – in the end it recharges my batteries to a certain extent.

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