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Sharing a Passion

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

I went hiking with some friends earlier last year.  As we walked up the trail, it seemed I was continually spouting off a plethora of information:
“What are the clouds and wind telling us?” “That tree is a pseudotsuga menziesii – talk about an identity crisis!  It’s not a fir or a hemlock!” “How do you know if you’re getting enough water?” “Trekking poles can be useful at times.” “I only buy hiking boots with Vibram soles”
I went on and on, observing the environment and talking about hiking techniques.  At no point did I get any indication they tired of my ramblings (unless that’s the reason they started walking faster).  They told me “You should share your passion on the web; other people might find this stuff useful too.”  The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea – I work in I.T., so I know my way around computers; I’ve hiked Wasatch and other trails my whole life, so I know how to walk in the woods – why not share it!  So here it is.
My goal is to share knowledge and experience in 2 areas; day hiking basics and hiking Wasatch trails.  I’ll focus my comments not only to solo hikers and groups of friends, but also to families.  I have a wonderful wife (who lets me hike a reasonable number of days each year) and 3 growing boys.  They don’t like to hike the distances and elevations I do, so I’ve found a number of trails that are ideal for families of all ages and fitness levels.  I hope these pages help you gain the knowledge and appreciation so your passion for the activity grows.
I welcome your comments, knowledge and experience.  My opinions are formed from my experience, in which case, I might have come to the wrong conclusion on a subject – if so, let me know.  Or better yet, agree with me wholeheartedly.  :-)
Oh, one more thing, why Day hiking, as opposed to overnight hiking; well, because you can reach most places in the Wasatch without the need to camp out, and I like sleeping in my bed at night.
Happy trails, Eric
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