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Mill Creek Ridge Trail from Little Water TH<br />via Church Fork Peak

Mill Creek Ridge Trail from Little Water TH
via Church Fork Peak

 Hike Time: 13.0 to 21.5 hours
 Distance: 15.9 miles
 Elevation Gain: 6127 feet
 Main Aspect: All Directions
 Climb Rate: 385 feet per mile
 Average Grade: 7%
Notes: I have only done parts of this trail. I heard there are lots of ups and downs. It looks fun. 1
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Little Water TH
Trailhead Elevation: 7630 ft
Trailhead Outhouse: Yes
Distance from Fee Station: 8.5 miles
Area: Mill Creek Canyon
Area Location: East on 3800 S in Salt Lake County
Area Fee: $3
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Notes: This trailhead is at the end of the Mill Creek Canyon road. It shares a parking lot with Big Water Gulgh TH NOTE: The Mill Canyon road is closed east of Maple Cove Campground November 1st to July 1st, so this trailhead is only accessible by non-motorized methods during those months.

Waypoint 1
Park City Overview
 Elevation: 8930  Feature: Saddle
Notes: The Park City Overview pass is, of course, between Mill Creek Canyon and Park City. It is near one of the Park City ski resorts.
Waypoint 2
Murdock Peak
 Elevation: 9602  Feature: Peak
Notes: Murdock Peak is at the eastern end of the Mill Creek Ridge, and has views of Park City and the ridge seperating Big Cottonwood and Mill Creek Canyons.
Waypoint 3
Millvue Peak
 Elevation: 8926  Feature: Peak
Notes: There are good views down Lambs Canyon toward Park City and up Alexander Basin toward Gobblers Knob.
Waypoint 4
Mount Aire
 Elevation: 8621  Feature: Peak
Notes: Good views of Mill Creek Canyon, Parleys Canyon and the Mill Creek/Big Cottonwood ridgeline. Once you get to the peak, if you want a good view into Parleys Canyon, follow the ridge north another quarter mile.
Waypoint 5
Church Fork Peak
 Elevation: 8306  Feature: Peak
Notes: Church Fork Peak is often overshadowed by Granduer Peak to the southwest and Mt Aire to the east. The last section from both directions requires some routefinding skills. Solitude is highly probable.

Mill Creek Ridge Trail
 Elevation: 9560  Feature: Trail-Distance
Notes: This trail follows the ridge between Mill Creek Canyon and Parleys Canyon, with views into Park City.

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.714243    Longitude: -111.724504 

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