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Hiking to Bullion Divide

Bullion Divide

 Elevation: 11489  Feature: Trail-Distance
Notes: The Bullion Divide route takes you across the eastern ridgeline between Little Cottonwood Canyon and American Fork Canyon. The name is in reference to the areas mining days when tons of bullion exited the canyon by people, mule and locomotive power.

Trail Time Distance Elevation
From trailheads in Little Cottonwood Canyon leading to Bullion Divide
 Albion Basin Trailhead via White Baldy   10.5 to 18.0 hrs   12.5 miles   5527 feet   All Directions 

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.551780    Longitude: -111.656597 

 WasatchHiker Map (shows trails)    
 Google Map (shows lat/lon on map)

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