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Hiking to Pipeline Trail

Pipeline Trail

 Elevation: 6790  Feature: Trail-Nature
Notes: The Pipeline Trail follows the contours of most of the lower part of Mill Creek Canyon. It is popular with hikers, runners and mountain bikers. I even saw evidense of horses on the trail.

Trail Time
From trailheads in Mill Creek Canyon leading to Pipeline Trail
 Burch Hollow Trailhead   5.0 to 8.0 hrs   14 miles   740 feet   South 
 Church Fork Trailhead   5.0 to 8.0 hrs   14 miles   840 feet   South 
 Mount Aire Trailhead   4.5 to 7.0 hrs   14 miles   120 feet   South 
 Rattlesnake Gulch Trailhead   5.0 to 8.5 hrs   14 miles   1450 feet   South 

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.694250    Longitude: -111.774480 

 WasatchHiker Map (shows trails)    
 Google Map (shows lat/lon on map)

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