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Hiking to Desolation Peak

Desolation Peak

 AKA: Ninety Nine 90
 Elevation: 9990
 Feature: Peak
Notes: The peak looks down on Desolation Lake, but also provides great 360 degree views. The Wasatch Crest trail goes below its base, so it is likely you will see mountain bikers, especially on odd days of the month when bikers are allowed in upper Mill Creek.

Trail Time
From trailheads in Big Cottonwood Canyon leading to Desolation Peak
 Mill D North Fork Trailhead   4.5 to 8.0 hrs   9.6 miles   2706 feet   SouthWest 
 Beartrap Fork Trailhead via Beartrap Fork   3.0 to 5.5 hrs   4.6 miles   2446 feet   Southwest 

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.658103    Longitude: -111.595779 

 WasatchHiker Map (shows trails)    
 Google Map (shows lat/lon on map)

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