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Hiking to Timp Saddle

Timp Saddle

 Elevation: 11055  Feature: Saddle
Notes: When you get to the saddle itself, be prepared to have you breath taken away. You are walking up the trail from Timp Basin and all of a sudden all of Utah Valley opens up to you. On a clear day, you can see from Mt Nebo south of Payson to the Great Salt Lake. You are now above 11,000 feet.

Trail Time
From trailheads in Alpine Loop / Timpanogos leading to Timp Saddle
 Timpanogos Trailhead via Emerald Lake   6.0 to 10.5 hrs   11.6 miles   4170 feet   ALL 
 Timpooneke Trailhead via Timp Basin   6.0 to 10.5 hrs   13 miles   3695 feet   All Directions 

Location and Maps
 Latitude: 40.395960    Longitude: -111.654429 

 WasatchHiker Map (shows trails)    
 Google Map (shows lat/lon on map)

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