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Hiking in Alpine Loop / Timpanogos

Alpine Loop / Timpanogos

Getting There: Starts in American Fork Canyon or Provo Canyon
Entrance Fee: $6 Dogs Allowed
Notes: The Alpine Loop travels around the backside of Mt Timpanogos from American Fork Canyon or Provo Canyon. Sundance and both major Mt Timpanogos trails are accessed on the Alpine Loop.

DESTINATIONS in Alpine Loop / Timpanogos
 Timpanogos Falls 
 AKA: Aspen Grove Falls 
 Feature: Falls 
 Elevation: 7120 ft 
 Hidden Lakes 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 9860 ft 
 Emerald Lake 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 10360 ft 
 Timp Basin 
 Feature: Basin 
 Elevation: 10170 ft 
 Pine Hollow Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8560 ft 
 Roberts Horn 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10993 ft 
 Great Western Trail AF Canyon 
 Feature: Trail-Distance 
 Elevation: 9830 ft 
 Timp Saddle 
 Feature: Saddle 
 Elevation: 11055 ft 
 Primrose Cirque 
 Feature: Cirque 
 Elevation: 9880 ft 
 B-25 Engines 
 Feature: Wreckage 
 Elevation: 10740 ft 

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 Mahogany Mountain 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8990 ft 
 Mill Canyon Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10349 ft 
 Timp Glacier 
 Feature: Cirque 
 Elevation: 11260 ft 
 Arrowhead Summit 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8260 ft 
 Scout Falls 
 Feature: Falls 
 Elevation: 8210 ft 
 Giant Staircase 
 Feature: Cirque 
 Elevation: 8650 ft 
 Bomber Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11347 ft 
 Mount Timpanogos 
 AKA: Mount Timp 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11751 ft 
 Stewart Falls 
 Feature: Falls 
 Elevation: 7130 ft 
 Julie Andrews Meadows 
 Feature: Meadow 
 Elevation: 8350 ft 
 Salamander Flat 
 Feature: Meadow 
 Elevation: 7580 ft 
 Forgotten Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10447 ft 
 South Timpanogos 
 AKA: Second Timpanogos 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11682 ft 

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