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Hiking in Nebo Loop

Nebo Loop

Getting There: Payson Canyon (Nebo Loop) in Utah County
Entrance Fee: None Dogs Allowed
Notes: The Nebo loop goes up Payson Canyon, past the backside of the Nebo range, then down into Nephi. Mt Nebo trailheads are just after the summit. Further down the road is a geological location named Devil’s Kitchen – it makes you feel like you’re in southern Utah.

 Mount Nebo 
 AKA: North Mount Nebo 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11928 ft 
 South Mount Nebo 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11887 ft 
 Wolf Pass 
 Feature: Saddle 
 Elevation: 10610 ft 
 Middle Mount Nebo 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10804 ft 

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Information   Nebo Loop Sceninc Byway

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