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Hiking in American Fork Canyon

American Fork Canyon

Getting There: East on Timpanogos Hwy (SR92), exit 284 in Utah County
Entrance Fee: $6 Dogs Allowed
Notes: American Fork Canyon is north of Mt Timpanogos. It has a tumultuous mining history. After the first crude roads became obsolete, a railroad was built up the canyon, ending at Tibble Fork Flat. The present road is the northern half of the Alpine Loop. Many of the most scenic Wasatch trails originate in the canyon, including Mt Timpanogos. The Timpanogos Cave is also located there.

DESTINATIONS in American Fork Canyon
 Pine Hollow Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 8560 ft 
 Red Baldy 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11171 ft 
 Angel Flat 
 Feature: Meadow 
 Elevation: 8750 ft 
 Community Flat 
 Feature: Meadow 
 Elevation: 9650 ft 
 Silver Flat Reservoir 
 AKA: Silver Lake Flat Reservoir 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 7550 ft 
 Silver Glance 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 9880 ft 
 Mill Canyon Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10349 ft 
 Box Elder Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11101 ft 
 Mary Ellen Gulch 
 Feature: Basin 
 Elevation: 9260 ft 
 Miller Hill 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10186 ft 
 Box Elder South Peak 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 10610 ft 
 Twin Peaks (American Fork) (S) 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11382 ft 
 White Baldy 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11321 ft 
 Swinging Bridge Nature Trail 
 Feature: Trail-Nature 
 Elevation: 5680 ft 
 Peak 11036 
 AKA: Silver Lake Overlook 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11036 ft 
 Timp Cave 
 Feature: Cave 
 Elevation: 6672 ft 

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 Silver Lake 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 9000 ft 
 Ant Knolls 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 9840 ft 
 Great Western Trail Cottonwoods 
 Feature: Trail-Distance 
 Elevation: 9700 ft 
 Pittsburg Lake 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 9430 ft 
 Twin Peaks (American Fork) 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11489 ft 
 Red Top Mountain 
 AKA: Red Stack 
 Feature: Peak 
 Elevation: 11378 ft 
 Forest Lake 
 Feature: Lake 
 Elevation: 8500 ft 

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