Timpanogos Western Canyons

Three trails starting in Pleasant Grove and Orem lead to some spectacular scenary below the western face of Mount Timpanogos:

  • Grove Creek Canyon – The steep slopes are awesome (don’t worry, the trail isn’t too bad). There’s a beautiful waterfall in this canyon.
  • Battlecreek Canyon – There’s a water fall part way up, where I’ve seen youth group repelling. The trail open up into Sagebrush Flats at the top.
  • Dry Canyon – This is an easy hike with lots to see. After passing the 150ft repelling wall, the trail wanders up through maple and oaks. The Timp Glacier saddle comes into view about half way up.

  • A few of the destinations: Canyon Falls ,Sagebrush Flats, Mahogany Mountain, Big Baldy, Little Baldy and Mount Timpanogos (the hard way).
  • These trails offer a lot of versatility in a hike. You can walk up to one of the falls, or all the way to Sagebrush Flats. The hike to Big Baldy via Battlecreek was the easiest 3500 feet I’ve done – maybe because it tops out at 8700ft, and most other peaks in the area are in thin air
  • Many people do a loop between the canyon trails, or you can hike up to a secluded camp spot without much effort
  • Last summer a friend and I even hiked from the Timpooneke trailhead to Pleasant Grove via Grove Creek Canyon. The only bad decision was bushwhacking our way back to the trail by going south after climbing Mahogany Mountain. It took several hours longer than necessary

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Aerial Photo


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