Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the tallest Peak in Utah County at 11,900 ft, although not as popular as the 2nd highest peak – Mount Timpanogos, which is about 200 ft shorter. Mount Nebo is also considered the southern tip of the Wasatch Range

  • It can be done in 6-8 hours round trip.
  • The summit is 2640 feet higher than the trailhead, but with all the ups and downs, you end up climbing 3434 feet. The trail is 4.2 miles (8.4 round trip).
  • On the way to the peak, you wrap around the northern end of the Nebo range and head for Wolf Pass. There is a great meadow here where you have great views both east and west. The peak you see above you to the south is a false summit. The true summit is another 1/2 mile across a knife edge (it’s a good trail though)
  • At the peak you can see From Nephi to Northern Utah County.

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Aerial Photo


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31 Responses to “Mount Nebo”

  1. Cliff Orgill says:

    Request that you correct a mistake, Mt. Nebo is in Juab County not Utah County.

    Thanks Cliff

  2. Eric says:

    Hi Cliff,
    Actually, Mt Nebo is in both counties. If you look at a map of Utah Counties, you will see Mt Nebo is on the line between them. If fact if you google Utah County High Points, you will see Mt Nebo is listed as the highest point in Utah County at 11,928. Juab County’s high point, Ibapah Peak, is a bit higher at 12,087.

  3. Cliff Orgill says:

    Hi Eric
    I know Mt. Nebo is in both Utah and Juab Counties However The three main peaks are in Juab County just east of Mona. You have to go about six miles north of Mona to Utah County.

    I was born and rasied in Mona. Utah County was always trying to steal Juab County.
    Looking at the trail map its going up from the Loop Road but looks like it comes down across the West Face of Nebo into Willow Creek Canyon is that correct?

    Many Thanks Cliff

  4. Eric says:


    I emailed you a map I have that shows the county line running through all 3 peaks north to the point 6 miles north of Mona where it crosses I-15. If this is incorrect, please send me a link to a map with the proper information, and I will update the website.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hike much in the Nebo area and am not as familiar with it as areas to the north. Some maps show a trail coming up the Willow Creek drainage and joining the ridge south of South Nebo. I could email you that map also, if you would like.


  5. Deborah Whisler says:


    I am planning a trip to Salt Lake City Utah this coming February. This will be my first time visiting Utah and was wondering if tips could be provided regarding hiking Mt Nebo. What are weather conditions like on the summit during the month of February?

  6. Eric says:

    Hi Deborah, Mt Nebo is about a 90 minute drive south of SLC, and is the highest peak in the Wasatch Range. The trail will have several feet of snow in February, and since some of the trail is along a ridgeline, you will need to be cautious of cornices. Depending on storm leading up to your hike, you might also need to be aware of avalanche conditions. You will definitely need to dress for winter conditions, and may need snowshoes. There are several Mt Nebo winter trip reports on I suggest reading those and viewing the pictures to get an idea of what it will be like.

  7. Brad Larsen says:

    The loop is closed during the winter months. No access to trailhead.

  8. Eric says:

    Unless you want to snowshoe, cross country ski or snowmobile there, right? I think I have the place where the road closes marked on the main map, just above the scout camp.

  9. Ryan says:

    Can you email the map of the trail coming from the south. Thank you. And if you know which trail is nicer, I assume from the north from the loop but second opinion always good

  10. Eric says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’ve hiked the north route but not the south route, so I can’t tell you which is better. I know the true peak is the north one. If you go up the south route, you will have to climb over the south and middle peaks, as well as the knife edge saddles between them.
    The best map I recommend is the google earth map on In a Chrome browser, go to After it loads, click in the map, zoom out, then drag the map down to the very last trail you see and zoom back in. That’s the south route to Mt Nebo.

  11. Arnold Griffiths says:

    I hiked the North Peak of Nebo on Sept. 6, 2014. My Garmin hiking GPS said the round trip distance is 9.3 miles. Where did you get the 8.4 miles? Also my GPS altitude for the North Peak was 11,931 which differs from your 11,900.

  12. Eric says:

    Hi Arnold, I get some distances from Google Earth. I just checked again, and came up with 8.8 miles. Your mileage will be more accurate if you didn’t wander too far from the trail, and had good satellite coverage. In looking at Mt Nebo’s elevation on various internet sites, it looks like yours is closer than mine – 11,928 is the most common. I’ll update both numbers in the site database. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  13. BJ says:

    Honestly, cliff….do we seriously need to know “exactly” where it is? We have a map, directions, wth?!?! Eric, thanks for the info. Looks like a beautiful hike. Will try to make it there soon.

  14. Rod says:

    I’m interested in making this an overnight backpacking trip. Are there any reliable water sources along the north route?

  15. Eric says:

    The route follows mostly ridgelines, or just below ridgelines. So unfortunately, there are no reliable water sources. You’ll need to carry what you think you’ll need.

  16. Larry says:

    Which USGS quads are best for the hike to North Peak? I assume Mona but is there another one needed?

  17. Eric says:

    Hi Larry,
    You don’t really need a quad. You can get the coordinates of the trailhead and peak from Study the trail in Google Earth. Enter the coordinates into your GPS/Smartphone and follow the trail. If you still want a quad, the Mona section should work for you.

  18. Joseph says:

    Hi Eric,
    I am planning to do this peak on October 19th…do you think it will be passable without crampons like last year—or was that a rarity? Also, would you recommend Nebo or Timp at that time of year (if it is possible to hike)?

  19. Eric says:

    Hi Joseph, I think both mountains will be hikable without crampons on October 19th. We usually don’t get heavy snow until late November.

  20. Doug says:

    I currently live in Dallas and plan on coming out to watch the Ute’s Vs UCLA 11/23 and that weekend I wanted to bag two peaks. I plan on doing Frary out at Antelope Island early Saturday and was thinking about Mount Nebo Sunday. Does it already have snow on it? I am not planning for crampons and really was hoping to avoid snow all together. Thoughts? Or other suggestions?

  21. Eric says:

    Hi Doug, We have been getting some snow, but not enough to worry about. Unless we get a major storm, which are uncommon this time of year, you should be ok without Crampons. Mt Nebo is a good one to climb.

  22. Dane Garreau says:

    I’m going to be driving through Utah the first full week of April. Will this one be snow capped?

  23. Eric says:

    Hi Dane, Yes, Mt Nebo should still have snow on it’s higher elevations in April.

  24. David Petersen says:

    I plan on climbing Nebo next fall. I would like to make all three peaks by starting in the north and ending going down Antelope Ridge trail. It looks to be about a 12 mile hike. I would like to know just how difficult this would be. I climbed Lone Peak this past fall up Jacobs ladder trail and that is about my limit in trail climbing. Any comparison between the two?

  25. Eric says:

    Mt Nebo will be a bit easier than your Lone Peak climb. However, there is more exposure and risk when traversing south of North Nebo. If you’re ok with that, it should be a fun hike for you.

  26. David Petersen says:

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your response on my question about Nebo. I wanted to look at the photos that are shown at the top of the page but the link is incomplete and only takes you back to the original mount-nebo page. Are there supposed to be photos to view?

  27. Eric says:

    David, the original website had lots photos, and occasionally show up in web searches. The new website has a few photos, but just to show what the destinations look like from the most popular route.

  28. Lewis says:

    Took the trailhead from Bear Canyon to the south up to Mt. Nebo summit last Saturday and I thought I would share a few things I learned about it here. Sign at the trailhead says it’s 8 miles to the peak, and Google Maps says the elevation change is around 5129 feet. There’s a parking area at the trailhead near the Bear Canyon Campground. Try not to underestimate the elevation, and bring a lot of water. By the time we reached the top, we ran out of water and my brother was feeling some bad altitude sickness. Luckily we ran into some generous people who gave us some of their water. Also, there was a stream about halfway up, but it was probably just run off from the last of the snow pack so I wouldn’t depend on it.

  29. Doug Wendel says:

    We are hoping to camp out at the trailhead on Mona Pole road. Is there room next to the parking area to set up a few tents? Thanks for your help and your site.

  30. David Petersen says:

    Just wanted you to know that your were absolutely correct about the traverse from North Nebo Summit to the South Nebo Summit. My brother, sister and I (68) completed the traverse from the Monument trail head to the Andrews Ridge trailhead. While looking at the knife edge ridge from the north summit, we were a little nervous but as we headed south along the marginal trail, we were always able to find where others went before and it never was very difficult. It took us from 6:50 A.M to 5:45 P.M to complete the 12.85 mile traverse. It was a great experience. Thanks for your input.

  31. Eric says:

    Hi Doug, yes I believe there is an area near the parking for you to pitch the tent.

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