At the Trailhead:

  • Turn your GPS off. Your don’t need to record the car ride home.
  • Take in more water and salty foods.
  • Consolidate your stuff as much as possible to make it easier to unload when you get home.

At Home

  • Unpack and clean up your equipment
  • Stick the batteries in the recharger
  • Clean and dry out your hydration bag
  • Restock items such as ibuprofen, for the next trip.

Media Processing

  • GPS tracks – I upload my GPS tracks and import them into my mapping software. This is where I get a chance to evaluate the hike – where was that waterfall, where did I lose the trail and where did I pick it up again, what was my total mileage and elevation gain, what do I want to explore the next time I’m in that area? I save my tracks by season, so I can see the big picture of what I covered that year.
  • Photos – Upload digital photos to computer. Pick out the best ones to publish on Facebook, or Enhance them with photo software, to try to capture that feeling you had when you saw it in person.

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